About Me!

Hi there! I'm Ayaan Esmail, a 14 year old nanotechnology and genomics enthusiast, as well as a young pharmacogeneticist. I am very passionate about these topics and am leveraging them to solve some of the world's biggest problems! Currently I am working on a gene sequencing start-up with a friend of mine aimed at disrupting the gene sequencing industry, specifically by using nanotechnology and quantum physics! Before this I conducted an experiment in which I personalized certain blood clot medication to specific genotypes to provide personalized medication. I have also completed multiple courses in nanotechnology, personalized medicine, genomics and the biology of cancer! Adding on, I have been to many renowned events including the c2 montreal conference, and have met many renowned leaders in science, technology and the government, including former CEO of Google Canada, Sam Sebastian and Spouse of the Prime Minister, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

Genetic Data Analysis
Front End: Css, Java & HTML
Business Skillset: Public speaking, Leadership & marketing
Photoshop: One-Pagers, Photo and Video design

My Skills

Web Development

Ayaan has been working in web development since he was 13 and has helped edit and create many websites, as well as completed many courses related to html!

Genetic Data Analysis

Ayaan has been anaylising genetic data from genome browsers proficiently from various patients genomes for a year now! He has also talked to many professionals in the feild!

Graphic Design

Ayaan has been working with adobe photoshop and illustrator for many years to create logo's, one-pagers and UI/UX models. He has also talked to many deisgners to make his products the best!

Public Speaking

Ayaan has had various speaking engagements and has presented infront of large audiences various times, with proficieny. He has also talked to world-class speaker to improve his skills.


Ayaan has been programming since he was 12 years old and is proficent in c++, css, html, and java. He has also completed many courses, and consulted many professionals!

Sensor Design

Ayaan has also worked with the Eagle software to print functionalized nanomaterials and sensors onto different substrates for glucose, sweat and lactate detection!

Recent Work

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Ayaan's Monthly Newsletter July 2018

This month I started my internship at Myant! A nanotechnology company aimed at using textiles to gain information on biomarkers in the body and use that data for a variety of applications. They are also creating new methods of bio sensing using nanofibers.


Ayaan's Monthly Newsletter August 2018

This month I got chosen to speak at Elevate, Canada's largest tech and innovation conference, alongside Al Gore, Eric Schmidt and many others. I also got a tour of JLabs and Waterloo univeristy and even met the head of JLabs, Allan Miranda!


Ayaan's Monthly Newsletter September 2018

This month I spoke at Elevate about the future of medicine and Genis, a gene sequencing start-up created by Samarth and I in which we are leveraging nanotech and quantum physics to sequence DNA better than current methods!